15th Nov 2021
Morning at Astley-Ainslie Hospital
13th Nov 2021
11th Nov 2021
10th Nov 2021
9th Nov 2021
4th Nov 2021
Threipmuir Reservoir
2nd Nov 2021
31st Oct 2021
Threipmuir Reservoir
30th Oct 2021
Pentland View Park
28th Oct 2021
Bloomiehall park after the rain
22nd Oct 2021
Arsenal Tube Station, London
20th Oct 2021
Southwark Park, Ada Salter garden
19th Oct 2021
Debbie Baxter at Brunswick Art Gallery
10th Oct 2021
Drone pics in the Scottish highlands (+ extras)
9th Oct 2021
Drone pics in the Scottish highlands (+ extras)
4th Oct 2021
Near West Cairn Hill in the Pentlands
25th Sep 2021
New Camera
22nd Sep 2021
Plant managed to grow *around* the washing line
15th Sep 2021
Just havin a wee rest outside our window
14th Sep 2021
5th Sep 2021
Sea swimming in Orkney sun
4th Sep 2021
Orkney fire and tide
3rd Sep 2021
Orkney Sea Swim
2nd Sep 2021
Orkney Sea
10th Jun 2021
Partial Solar Eclipse!
9th Jun 2021
take the rought with the smooth
31st May 2021
29th May 2021
10th May 2021
Glencorse and Logan Lea reservoirs
9th May 2021
1st May 2021
24th Apr 2021
Selm Muir Wood
21st Apr 2021
Threipmuir Reservoir
9th Apr 2021
3rd Apr 2021
Still tiny bit of snow on Pentland Hills
2nd Apr 2021
Near Kirknewton
27th Mar 2021
21st Mar 2021
Threipmuir Reservoir
17th Mar 2021
Harlaw Reservoir
15th Mar 2021
Forth Rail Bridge
13th Mar 2021
Near Threipmuir Reservoir
11th Mar 2021
7th Mar 2021
Threipmuir Reservoir
1st Mar 2021
28th Feb 2021
27th Feb 2021
21st Feb 2021
Harlaw Reservoir
20th Feb 2021
Harlaw Reservoir
17th Feb 2021
Harlaw Reservoir
14th Feb 2021
Bonaly Reservoir