16th Jul 2013
finished one book, onto another.
12th Jul 2013
My initials on the road
11th Jul 2013
The local park
10th Jul 2013
before the new fringe posters. we get the old ones
8th Jul 2013
Been doing some science festival work
6th Jul 2013
View from the back garden off today's bbq
5th Jul 2013
Nature at work :-)
1st Jul 2013
Towards the island on Glencorse Reservoir
29th Jun 2013
Went for walk, found bee on the road
28th Jun 2013
Red squirrel at the nut feeder on rainy day
27th Jun 2013
Scones by my partner
26th Jun 2013
Walk in the country
25th Jun 2013
Post Office hasn't updated window display for ages
23rd Jun 2013
Making pudding
21st Jun 2013
Two clocks
20th Jun 2013
"Daddy, where do babies come from?"
19th Jun 2013
17th Jun 2013
Outside loo!
15th Jun 2013
Paths a bit overgrown
14th Jun 2013
Wooly flowers!
13th Jun 2013
I tried to photo night sky & balmoral hotel cl
11th Jun 2013
Current library, old school
9th Jun 2013
Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh
8th Jun 2013
He's watching you pee
6th Jun 2013
Really, keep out
5th Jun 2013
Keep out
3rd Jun 2013
Big tree!
28th May 2013
Slug on the balcony this morning
27th May 2013
HDR shot in local park
23rd May 2013
Soho coffee shop gives its opinion on Starbucks
21st May 2013
In France STV stations ....
20th May 2013
Looking down to cave
19th May 2013
The old town
18th May 2013
Big bug!
17th May 2013
Sun in south France friday evening
15th May 2013
I'm staying in a 500 year old building - cool!
11th May 2013
Wood arch
9th May 2013
On Heriot-watt campus they number lightposts
7th May 2013
Putting down roots
4th May 2013
Found this; how does it stay up?
3rd May 2013
I am here!
2nd May 2013
Sunny morning in Edinburgh park
30th Apr 2013
Lunch in sunny park
28th Apr 2013
Did washing up. Rock and roll lifestyle.
27th Apr 2013
I should really be washing this up
24th Apr 2013
"O parking" as in "you must sing a
16th Apr 2013
12th Apr 2013
9th Apr 2013
The sink in the new house has instructions
8th Apr 2013
View from NEW HOUSE